DeKalb County School Facts

The mission of the DeKalb County School District is to form a collaborative effort between home and school that maximizes students' social and academic potential preparing them to compete in a global society.  
School Count
·    77 Elementary Schools
·    19 Middle Schools
·    20 High Schools
·    13 Centers, Special Ed and Alternative
Student Count
·    98,115
Spending per Student: $9,122.61 
Pupil to Teacher Ratio: 23 to 1 Kindergarten; 24 to 1 Grades 1-3; 32 to 1 Grades 4-8; 34 to 1 Grades 9-12  
Diversity Asian 5.52%; Black 69.04%; Hispanic 12.65%; White 11.04%;
Native American 0.21%; Multiracial 1.54%  
Employees Total 14,733
Students eligible to receive free/reduced-price lunches: 69.75% 
DeKalb is the metro area's most ethnically diverse county. At Clarkston High School, for example, students come from 54 countries and speak 47 languages. Along with its rich diversity, DeKalb prides itself in the following:
·    Access & Equity (Increased enrollment in Advanced Placement courses)
·    Financial Stability (A balanced budget without raising taxes)
Innovative Programs
·    SpringBoard, which has been implemented in all middle schools, is a comprehensive program of math and language arts that uses hands-on activities, often related to current events or pop culture, to help teach concepts.
·    Operation Graduation Program was launched to identify struggling students and mobilize academic and social resources in order to help them earn high school diplomas.

·    High Schools That Works (HSTW) offer a foundation for students to engage in an academic core program of study with a career concentration. HSTW puts a greater emphasis on higher level (do not need hyphen there) math, science, literacy and problem-solving skills in challenging career/technical courses.

·    DeKalb's extensive Magnet Program for High Achievers includes 14 schools at the elementary, middle and high schools levels, offering specialized curricula in performing arts, math, science, computer education, technology and foreign language.

·    The system is also home to seven Charter Schools, including the high-performing Chamblee Charter High School and the brand-new Destiny Academy of Excellence Charter, which focuses on serving children in the foster care system.
·    Early College
*The unique International Community School charter elementary offers education ranging from remedial to advanced for refugee, immigrant and local children in a multi-ethnic environment.  
Special Needs Schools and Centers

Coralwood Diagnostic Center 2477 Coral Wood Drive, Decatur, 30033, 678-874-6000
Eagle Woods Academy, 5931 Shadow Rock Drive, Lithonia, 30058, 678-676-8100
International Student Center, 3075 Alton Road, 30341,  678-676-6600
Margaret Harris Comprehensive School, 1634 Knob Hill Drive, 30329,  678-874-7000
Shadow Rock Center, 1040 Kingway Drive,  Lithonia, 30058, 678-676-4000  
Source: DeKalb County Schools – 2011-2012 Fact Sheet

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