Why a Need for eduKALB?

There is arguably no more important elected position than that of school board member.  Members of the DeKalb board must play several roles: steward of public monies, recruiter and manager of the superintendent, and maker of public policy.  Unlike most positions of public office, service on the school board requires each member to operate in executive, judicial, and legislative capacities.  Ability to reach consensus is of paramount importance; though they are elected individually, school board members are only authorized to take official action as a member of the whole board.
The future of our children and community is in each board member's hands.  Serving as a  board member therefore requires one to have a demonstrative ability to lead, set goals, create and implement policy, set and manage enormous budgets, and hire and direct the work of a qualified superintendent.  Each board member needs to make every board decision with a simple objective: placing the educational interests of our students above all else.  The motivation to serve as a board member should be the improvement of all our schools and the enhancement of academic opportunity for all students – not representation of any special interest.  In public education, there is no place for partisanship.  Because they have grave and unique responsibilities,  board members must be of the highest moral character and always conduct themselves in an ethical and transparent manner.
It is critically important to elect capable leaders to our school board.  To facilitate that goal, eduKALB strives to educate the public about the attributes of a quality school board candidate and the responsibilities of each school board member.  We are committed to educating the general public about the school board selection process.  We are also committed to educating the candidates about what it means to be in public service and the actions and responsibilities that coincide with office. 
eduKALB was formed to work in conjunction with the public involvement process of electing qualified candidates. With future challenges looming ahead such as school closures, hiring of a superintendent, budget deficits, declining property tax revenue, societal woes, employee morale, and public policy, the election of highly competent men and women is more paramount than ever before. Just as the best and brightest are sought for managing our top corporations, the same should be said for those setting the direction of our local school system.
Although it is important to elect more-than-capable leaders, it is equally as important to inform the public on what makes a quality candidate and what the responsibilities are for the office that candidate is seeking.   We strive to inform the general public about the issues by posing informative inquiries for the candidates, to ensure that  candidates' responses match the needs of the community.
In eduKALB, DeKalb County has a group of concerned  citizens from diverse backgrounds in business, civic, and community working collaboratively to ensure that exemplary school board leadership is elected.  Extraordinary leaders lead extraordinary people; and extraordinary people, when motivated, change the world.

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