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Candidates for the DeKalb County Board of Education are elected each even year and serve staggered terms.

Maintain channels of communications. In 2012, four seats are up for election. In 2014 elections will take place for seven Board of Education seats as the board will be downsized from it's current state of 9 to 7.

DeKalb County Board of Education Seats up for Re-election in 2012

District 2
District 4
District 6
District 8

What are the responsibilities of a school board member?

·    Set the vision as well as short- and long-term goals for the district

·    Adopt policies that give the district direction to set priorities and achieve its goals

·    Hire and evaluate the superintendent

·    Adopt and oversee annual budget

·    Build public support and understanding of public education


School board meetings can include many business items, such as approving the school calendar, adopting curriculum, overseeing construction, and approving contracts with outside vendors.


Essential Attributes of a Good School Board Member

·    Keep children first

·    Maintain high standards of conduct

·    Accept criticism

·    Focus on important issues

·    Manage stress and stressful situations

·    Take responsibility for actions

·    Demonstrate critical thinking skills

·    Honest and sincere

·    Value and seek challenges

·    Make informed, good decisions

·    Work out interpersonal conflicts appropriately

·    Possess the capacity to learn and grow

·    Work cooperatively to achieve the board’s goals


How do I make an informed voting decision?

One way to make an educated decision is to attend community candidate forums and ask substantive questions.


For incumbents:

·    What actions have you taken to improve student achievement?   


For challengers & incumbents:

·    What policies would you initiate to improve student achievement?

·    What characteristics do you admire in a superintendent?

·    How would you measure success for 

·    Treat all individuals with respect


A superintendent?

·    What level of skills should high school students have upon graduation?

·    What are your visions for this district for the next five to 10 years? And what systemic changes will you work toward in achieving that vision?

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