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Latasha Walker

Early in her academic career as a freshman at a Clark Atlanta University, Latasha Walker realized the needs of the community surrounding the Atlanta University Center and responded to those needs.  She, along with several of her peers formed a mentoring organization called N.I. A. (The Network of Inspiring Americans).   Nia partnered with such organizations as the 100 Hundred Black Men of Atlanta and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., eta Lambda chapter to bring programing and mentors to schools and families near the Atlanta University Center.  

In keeping with the spirit of activism and advocacy for children instilled within her has a young woman, Latasha has been known in Dekalb County as one of the most outspoken parents in the county and has been advocating on behalf of children and teachers in Dekalb County for over 8 years.  She has also been an advocate for the Arts as she has a daughter who attended Dekalb Elementary School of the Arts and will be attending Dekalb School of the Arts in the fall.  One may ask, what sets Latasha apart from the other candidates and from most politicians in general?  Well for one, as a parent with a child in the Dekalb county Public school system, she can personally relate to and empathize with the direct needs of children and parents.  Secondly, she is known for her ‘tell it like it is’ attitude and has not been afraid to challenge the school board and top administrators when it comes to tough issues.  Her campaign is founded upon a pure agenda and has no need for politics and bureaucracy.  While in Dekalb she has managed to raise a beautiful, successful daughter who has been recognized with one of the county’s top honors:  Board Scholar.  Her daughter at the age of 12 has already taken the SAT through Duke University’s TIPS program and has qualified to take online college courses offered through the university.  Children have always been her top priority and this can be seen through her advocacy. 
If elected, the needs of the children will continue to be the number one priority.  Educational improvements, with emphasis in equality in education and reducing the socio-economic achievement gap have been issues that Latasha has spoken publicly about and also advocated for.  Latasha, along with several parents started an advocacy group called MPTA (Motivating People to Action) which was later renamed as ABC (Advocates on Behalf of Children).  ABC has had many successes, but one that they are most proud of is the work that it has done with Masika Burmudez the mother of Jaheem Herrera the young boy who committed suicide in DeKalb County due to bullying.  Members of ABC worked alongside Ms. Bermudez, lobbyists and attorneys to help change the previously outdated bullying legislation and were even present at the time former governor Sunny Purdue signed the new anti-bullying bill.  Latasha Walker will also continue to be an advocate for school board accountability and fiscal responsibility.  She will remain the astute citizen she has always been.   Will you support the pure agenda?

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